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Company History

The GasCov® Ltd. products were developed, with the assistance of several natural gas utilities, as a solution to the home builders' industry wide demand for an innovative product that would enhance the current residential/commercial natural gas meter sets.

The first GasCov® prototype was manufactured in 2004, its introduction to the North American Natural Gas Industry and the North American Home Builders Associations successfully followed.

Designed and made in Canada, developed in cooperation with several natural gas organizations including TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority), reaction to the cover aptly named GasCov® - has been nothing short of outstanding. Comprised of light but durable high density polyethylene plastic it is an environmental 'green' product. Its ability to protect equipment from extreme winter conditions, ice build-up, rust and corrosion, scorching sun, heavy downpours and vandalism is another significant attribute.

As building lots for townhomes, semi's and single family dwellings get smaller and smaller, the utilities have no choice but to be front and centre on a home.  They are an "eyesore".  "Details Make the Difference", which is why having a GasCov will certainly add to the "curb appeal" of your home.

As GasCov moves forward into 2014 our plan is to continue to build on this strong foundation and to help educate people on the benefits of our unique product.

Our Mission

GasCov® Ltd.™ mission statement is to provide the Natural Gas Industry with a tailor-made gas meter set protection device that is functional, while putting forth a green corporate image. GasCov® Ltd. products provide pleasing esthetic enhancement to the home owner demonstrating luxury and improved property value.


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