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TOP 5 Reasons to use GasCov® in your home or building sites.


Extreme winter conditions, regulator ice build-up, scorching sun, downpours, corrosion and third party damage; GasCov® protects the gas meter set components from all common hazards. The molded base, optional cover sizes, mounting supports and hardware are non-corrosive and UV protected. Yet, for all this protection, GasCov doesn't impede on-site meter readings, thanks to its Lexan glass window that allows the meter reader to easily look inside without moving anything.

2. Fast and easy Installation

Each GasCov which is fully vented comes with a full set of instructions and hardware.  It accommodates most gas meter sets of the 200 and 400 Class, with or without AMR devices.! GASCOV GIVES YOUR HOME CURB APPEAL!

3. Hides unsightly equipment

Meter set components, especially when corroded, don't exactly fit alongside flower beds, paving stones, and garden designs. GasCov® will completely hide unattractive installations and blends harmoniously with its surroundings. Image-conscious clients will be highly interested in concealing their gas meter set while preserving their landscaping arrangements, or homes where the gas meter has been set in front of the home or in any high traffic area.

4. Savings in maintenance Costs

By shielding your gas meter set components from the elements and third party damage, GasCov® extends your equipment life cycle. Less repairs, less replacement parts, less paint touch-ups, and less labor results in lower maintenance budgets and increased savings.

5. Use GasCov to build Brand Awareness as a Builder

Builders can have their logo created in a four colour process on an all weather sticker, helping to increase your company's exposure. By standardizing installations with your logo, GasCov® represents an affirmative statement for your company. You get to show your clients how you are working to go the extra distance in giving them these little but meaningful finishing touches when they buy one of your properties. Also it is great to align your company with a green product such as GasCov® so that you can say you are doing your part for the Green revolution.

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