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"We couldn't be happier with the look of our GasCov®. A quick installation, and the cosmetics of our home have been permanently upgraded. I can foresee the day when they will be on everyone’s home improvement list.
Thanks again".

Line Theberge - Kitchener, Ontario

"What a great new innovative idea! We have spend thousands of dollars on landscaping; and GasCov® (gas meter cover) has greatly improved and added to the curb appeal of my home".

Dave McQuaig

"In December of 2009 Gregor homes completed the construction of a very unique home in Barrie Ont. The house was "Green House" certified and was also equip with solar hot water and a grey water recovery system. The icing on the cake was the GasCov® that was installed over the normally unsightly gas meter. The GasCov® was a final piece to a project that demonstrated not only the originality of the home, but offered a classy touch to a home that deserved it.
Thank you to GasCov® for helping to put the finishing touches to a home that we at Gregor Homes are very proud of".

Gregor Homes PR

I'm living in a one million dollar townhome in Burlington, Ontario that has a gas meter right beside my front door!  I googled 'gas meter cover', and was very happy to find GasCov Ltd.  My ugly gas meter is how hidden by a 'green' gas meter cover that blends in beautifully with the stone and brick of my home.

Thank you GasCov!

Mrs. O
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